Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Killers band latest images during performances,

The Killers next album have focused guitar

The Killers says that his next album than previous efforts will be focused guitar.

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The group
in Nashville recording the new album will be launched next month, a
ccording to drummer Ronnie Vannucci.

Speaking with NME, the rocker expressed enthusiasm with the band's new direction:

"The next album is going to have more guitars. It's about f*****g time . . . We have some people in mind [to produce], but I don't want to p**s people off and say who it is. All last month we've been writing some great Killers songs, it's really happening."

He added that the band is just excited to get started: "I'm really looking forward to doing this next record, it's going to sound f*****g great."

Meanwhile, frontman Brandon Flowers said the group is already a few songs deep into its upcoming album, the fourth LP for the band.